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Veterinary Association of Namibia - (VAN)

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In 1947 a South West Africa Branch of the South African Veterinary Medical Association (SAVA) was established. Regular annual meetings were held and by the end of the 1960`s these meetings took the form of a scientific congress with the main aim of providing a forum for continuing education. In 1984 the SWA Branch of the SAVA was dissolved and became the Veterinary Association of Namibia (VAN). Although VAN is a voluntary association, almost all veterinarians in Namibia are members. The Association is recognised as the representative body of the veterinary profession and hence the association VAN nominates one of its members to represent the Association on the Veterinary Council. In 1987 the VAN became a full member of the World Veterinary Association and in 1990 a full member of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association.

International Membership

The Veterinary Association of Namibia is a member of the following:

World Veterinary Association - WVA
World Small Animal Veterinary Association - WSAVA