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CPD - Local
WSAVA General Ophthalmology

07 Jun 2019 - 08 Jun 2019
Location: Agra Show Grounds, Windhoek
Register at:  Before 3rd of June
Dr Goodhead from the Johannesburg Eye Animal Hospital through WSAVA will be offering a CPD course on General Ophthalmology from the 7th-8th June 2019. The course will also have a practical component, based on the cases submitted by members before the 5th of June 2019. These cases can be for any species in the form of photographs or ideally physical patients.

Please send back completed registration forms and proof of payment no later than the 3rd of June. Both days have to be attended in order to receive CPD points.

Venue: Agra Show Grounds, Windhoek
Schedule: Full day lectures on the 7th of June, half day practical/case discussions on the 8th of June. More detailed schedule to follow soon.

Light snacks and a lunch will be included.

Download Opthalmology CPD Registration Form here

CPD - Local
WEVA Equine Congress

18 Jul 2019 - 20 Jul 2019

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